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Mẫu đề thi TOEIC Reading Part 7

Mẫu đề thi TOEIC Reading Part 7

Phần thi TOEIC Reading không quá dài như trong IELTS nhưng để đạt được điểm tối đa, các bạn học viên cần phải thận trọng và khả năng nắm bắt keyword nhanh. Sau đây hãy cùng Trung tâm ngoại ngữ iGIS thử sức với một mẫu đề thi TOEIC Reading part 7.

In this part, there are two passages and 4 multiple choice questions.

Read the two emails and answer the questions.

Email 1:

Sorry for sending this to all the staff in the company, but my list of people who are going to the Signmakers’ Conference in Dartmouth is not up-to-date, so I thought I’d mail it to everyone just to be on the safe side.

The company has agreed to pay for transport by rail which means you won’t have to drive there yourselves. We’ve booked seats on the 0630 from Stanton Heath which goes direct to Dartmouth. We should arrive there by 0845, and we can then share taxis to get to the venue, which I understand is just a 15 minute drive, so we should easily make the 0930 start.

Hotel accommodation has been booked at the Premium Inn, Dartmouth. The management have agreed that all delegates should have their own rooms. It’s likely that some of you will have singles, while others will have doubles and twins. I can’t take request for double rooms, I’m, afraid. It will be the luck of the draw. All rooms will have en suites, and should be very comfortable.

We’re planning return transport on the 2010 from Dartmouth which will get us back to Stanton Heath at 2200.

I’ll be booking transport on Friday morning (14th March), so if you have any queries or problems, make sure you contact me before then.

James Roxford

Email 2:

Dear James

Sorry, I didn’t get back to you in time. I was off sick last week and didn’t get your message until this morning. I hope you haven’t booked the train tickets yet. I’m planning to go to the conference by car, as I’m not returning to Stanton Heath after the conference. I’m going on to visit my family.

Is there any chance you can reserve a double room for me at the Premium Inn? I find it hard to sleep in single beds.


Mindy Jacques

1.  James’s email was sent to:

A. Mindy Jacques

B. staff who are attending a conference

C. visitors to James’s company

D. everyone in the company

2.Which of the following is true about the journey James has planned?

A. Delegates will take a different route on the return journey.

B. The delegates will arrive just after the conference starts.

C. The return journey is faster than the outbound journey.

D. The delegates will need to change trains on the outbound journey.

3 .When did Mindy send her email?

A. Monday (17th March)

B. Thursday (13th March)

C. Friday morning (14th March)

D. Friday afternoon (14th March)

4. What is James likely to do after receiving Mindy’s message?

A. reserve a double room

B. buy another conference ticket

C. phone a taxi company

D. cancel a train ticket

(Đáp án: 1- D, 2-B, 3-A, 4-D)


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