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Tham khảo mẫu đề thi TOEIC Writing

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Phần cuối của bài thi TOEIC Writing là viết bài văn trình bày quan điểm về một vấn đề mà đề bài đưa ra. Trung tâm luyện thi toeic iGIS tiếp tục gửi tới các bạn học viên mẫu đề thi TOEIC Writing (phần 3)

Tham khảo mẫu đề thi Toeic writing

Tham khảo mẫu đề thi Toeic writing

Question: Some companies block their employees from using social media networks and websites such as Facebook. Do you think managers should trust employees to use time wisely, or do you think it is smart of companies to block access to some sites? Provide reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Write your outline (5-10 minutes): 

Write your essay (15 minutes): 

Lưu ý: Trong bài viết TOEIC Writing của mình hãy lấy các ví dụ dẫn chứng minh họa cụ thể để bài viết của bạn tăng tính thuyết phục.

Các bạn tham khảo bài viết dưới đây:

The average work day is seven to eight hours long. How much of this time is spent working? People who work on computers have many distractions due to the Internet. Some companies have been forced to restrict usage of certain sites, such as Facebook and Twitter due to concerns about productivity. It is a wise decision to remove these Internet temptations.

A boss is not a babysitter. Though some people only log onto Facebook or surf the Internet on their own time, other people cannot resist temptation. Having rules about Internet use is not enough. Some employees cannot stand to be stuck in their offices without social interaction. If they need a short break, they should be encouraged to stand up and stretch. Unlike chatting to friends on Facebook, this type of activity increases productivity. By blocking certain social sites from a system, the boss need not waste time monitoring those who cannot follow rules.

When time is wasted online it is the company that pays for the loss. Employees on salary still get paid no matter how productive they are. Those who waste time may not get raises or bonuses, but they still get a paycheque. It is only the employer that loses out when time is wasted online. Employers should not feel guilty about restricting Internet access. If surfing the Internet and sending out Tweets is not part of one’s job description, these activities take away from true duties.

Some employees have lost their jobs because they wrote something online against their own company. It is too easy to press send, post, or publish these days. Preventing employees from using certain websites actually protects the employees as well.

There are many honest workers who can be trusted at work. They only check Facebook or Twitter during their break time or lunch, and they don’t post any information that could damage the company’s (or their own) reputation. Unfortunately, there are always a handful of workers who cannot be trusted. By eliminating the temptation, employers can prevent any problems related to Internet abuse in the workplace.

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